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Celebration of Graduation Day & Annual Day Sparsh 2017

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KLE Society’s Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi celebrated Graduation day of 10th Batch of B.Sc. Nursing, 5th Batch of P.B.B.Sc Nursing & M.Sc. Nursing on 27th May 2017. Prof. (Dr.) Chidannada S Patil, Vice Chancellor. Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp. 56 Graduates received their degree certificates. Prof. (Dr.) Chidannada S Patil, Vice Chancellor. Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi was the chief guest. In his keynote address, he said the graduates; the graduation is your day and congratulated them on their achievement and also choosing a great profession to serve people with service as a motto. He emphasized on the importance of nursing and holiness of profession by saying about Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa what they did their service to the society as a mission and noble work. He said the nursing is only the profession in which nobody wants to be, by congratulating the students and graduates choosing such a profession, the nurse does a wonderful job by carrying out roles as a mother, sister, brother, caretaker, healer and other roles and provides relief when the patient is in pain and distress. He concluded his speech by advising the graduates and students to adopt in life: Don’t stop learning, Speak truth, Respect elders, parents and teachers, Emerge as a leader, Make use of every opportunity in life and Make difference in all the possible ways. Shri. Major Siddalingayya Hiremath, KAS, Commissioner, Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation, Hubballi was the guest of honor. In his speech, he congratulated the graduates by saying the graduation is a major milestone in your life, all of you are now the brand ambassadors of the institution and the K.L.E. Society is known for Excellence for a kind of education it provides. He said the nursing is the only profession in which the graduates need not to be in search of a job as there is a high demand for nursing and has opportunities to serve in medical care, hospital, teaching and military service and also said the nurses are the change of agents in health care. He motivated the graduates and students to enrich knowledge, new skills, and spirit of innovation, keeping updating trends and reading all these help to give the better care. Shri. Shankaranna I Munavalli, Director, Board of Management KLE Society, Belagavi, presided over the function and in his presidential address congratulated the students having selected the K.L.E.S Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi known for excellence in education. He appreciated the efforts and hardworking of students, faculty and administration. He said the institution has prepared you not just on the academic, but to play an important role in doing service to the society with dedication and commitment. The management is always ready to provide any help to the students for training and feel happy the students from this institution work not only in India and also other countries at various positions. The class toppers were awarded with prizes. Among the prestigious awards, the ‘Best Outgoing Student’, ‘The Most Popular Student’ and ‘The highest Attendance’ were awarded. Dr. Sanjay. M. Peerapur, Principal, KLE Society’s Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi welcomed & introduced the dignitaries. Mr. Somashekarayya Kalmath, Assistant Professor presented the Annual Report. Mr. Veeresh Topalakatti, Assistant Lecturer proposed the vote of thanks. The function was compered by Mrs. Reeta Bagalkoti, Assistant Professor, KLES Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi.


Celebration of International Midwives Day 2017

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KLE Society’s Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubli celebrated “International Midwives Day”on 5th May 2017 on the theme of “Midwives: Making a great difference in the World” Dr. Seeta Garag, Professor, Department of OBG, KIMS Hubli was the Chief Guest of the function. Addressing the gathering she said that the world needs Nurses and Midwives more than ever particularly in rural areas where much advanced medical services are lacking. Sharing her knowledge and experience she stated that every year 3,50,000 women die during pregnancy or child birth, up to two million newborns die within the first 24 hours of life & there are 2.6 million stillbirths. She said that in India midwives plays a vital role in minimizing Maternal Mortality Rate. She encouraged nursing students to create awareness of midwives role among the pupils by organizing public speeches, seminars, role play, and rally & highlight the achievements of midwives in healthcare system. Dr. Subhashini Hiremath, Consulting Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Maathoshree Women’s Hospital, Hubballi was the Guest of Honour for the function. Reaching out to her emotions she said that “When people hear the word midwife, it’s not met with great feeling. But in professional midwifery, there’s a structured training for highly competent midwives. We ensure mothers that they will be in the safe hands of an expert. It’s also a challenge for an obstetrician to step back and this is how a midwife can make difference. She also focused on to the theme “Midwives: Making a great difference in the World”. She concluded by saying that Midwife has a key role in handling the entire emergency situation and contribute healthy society. Dr. Sanjay M. Peerapur, Principal, KLES Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubli presided over the function. In his presidential speech he addressed entire nursing professionals and said that “After the completion of nursing courses the nurses are granted license as Registered Nurse (RN) & Registered Midwife (RM) and start their career, but public must know what a Registered Nurse or Registered Midwife is capable to do. The registered midwives are skilled enough to conduct normal delivery independently on their own and opportunities should be given in all levels of healthcare sectors”. Concluding his speech he said “in order to reduce Maternal Mortality & Infant Mortality Rate skilled professionals such as doctors or Registered Nurse or Midwife must be present during every birth. Mrs. Asha Bhatakhande, HOD of OBG Nursing introduced and welcomed the Guests and mentioned the significance of International Midwives Day.


Celebration of International Nurses Day 2017

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KLE Society’s Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi celebrated International Nurses day on 13th May 2017 on the theme “Nurses: A voice to lead - Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals:” Dr. V. D. Karpurmath, Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, Dharwad was the chief guest of the function. In chief guest address, he spoke about the Florence Nightingale for rendering her service to the society. He said nurses are doing a great job and nursing care makes a difference in the prognosis of patient. He also said the nurses from Kerala known for their commitment and dedication towards the patient care and the success of the hospital depends on nurses. He emphasized the youth role in the society by saying youth need to adopt and follow the healthy practices to be from complications and create awareness, building team spirit and do humanity service to the society and insisting the youths to inculcate the words said by Mahatma Gandhi: “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil”. He appreciated the institution for discipline and the initiation taken on this auspicious day to save a life of a person by organizing blood donation. He concluded his speech by saying we should have two requirements in life: Aim and Guru and maintain morality throughout life. He expressed his due respect to the nursing fraternity for their constant care and service and advised the student nurses to be committed to the profession, be a good listener and good counselor. Dr. Anand Pandurangi, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dharwad was the Guest of Honour of the function. In his speech, he said the nurses are integral part and back bone of the health care system and play a vital role in patient care. He also said that hospital need not spend anything for its branding, if they have good nurses that itself is a good branding. In his address appreciated the nurses for their selfless service. He emphasized the young budding nurses to inculcate skills – communication, counseling, good listening, emotional, empathy and social and practical knowledge. He narrated a small story about Kevin Carter and said a person who cannot save a life of another person, have no right to live, as this everyone has to adopt in life. He concluded his speech by advising the student nurses to have a philosophy: Working hands, Creative mind and Loving heart. Dr. S. S. Sangolli, Medical Officer, Rasthtrottan Blood Bank, Hubballi was the Guest of Honour of the function. He expressed his happiness and conveyed nurse’s day wishes to all the faculty members and students. He congratulated and appreciated the institution for organizing the blood donation by highlighting the importance of blood donation which saves life. He concluded in his speech by saying that put the patient in best condition and nature will take care in healing process. Dr. Sanjay M. Peerapur, Principal KLES Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi presided over the function focusing on the theme “Nurses: A voice to lead - Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.” He stressed on the theme by adding how nurses can empowered for sustainable future. He also said that nurses need to raise their voice over issues in the profession. As part of the International Nurses Day, a blood donation camp was organized jointly with Indian Red Cross Society, Dharawad and Sha Damji Jadavji Chheda Memorial, Rasthtrottan Blood Bank, Hubballi and more than 30 members donated their blood.


Celebration of International Women’s Day 2017

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KLE Society’s Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi celebrated “International Women’s Day” in Collaboration with Taluka Legal Service Committee, Hubballi on 8th March 2017 on the theme “Be Bold For Change”. Mrs. Sujata S Patil, Principal Civil Court Judge, Hubballi was the Chief Guest of the function. In her key note address, she said the celebration of International Womens Day is women’s voice against the issues and challenges the women are facing today. She highlighted the role of women involving in multitasks as from mother to wife. She advised and highlighted the requirement of an active participation by the women in all areas of life and also women need have an independent, sound and competent personality which helps the nation move towards development. She concluded her speech by saying the nurses are major part of health care sector who work with dedication and love to serve the patient who are in needy which is an indication of empowerment of women. Shri. D. M. Naragund, President, Lawyers Association, Hubballi was the Guest of Honur of the function. He said men and women are treated with equal status as per the Indian Constitution and legal provisions. In his speech, he said about the theme of the day – “Be Bold for Change” by saying the women are enough bold but the boldness need to be within the definition of women and being bold is good for women and requires the achievement for the reformation of the nation with advancement in science, technology and education by the women. Dr. Sanjay M. Peerapur, Principal KLE Society’s institute of nursing sciences, Hubballi was presided over the function. In his presidential remarks, he said that women is symbol of love, sacrifice and care, family oriented, multitasking and a person who easily adjusts to any situation. He advised on the theme for women – believe in yourself, be confident, don’t be afraid to ask for equal pay, don’t tolerate public or work harassment and men should help, guide and support the women for their empowerment.


Celebration of Lamp Lighting & Oath Taking Ceremony 2017

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K.L.E. Society’s Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi celebrated Lamp Lighting & Oath Taking Ceremony of 14th Batch of G.N.M. & B.Sc. Nursing students on 28th January 2017. Dr. Vinod G. Kulkarni, Senior Consultant in Neuro Psychiatry, Manasa Institute of Mental Health, Vidyanagar, Hubballi was the chief guest of the function. He congratulated the students for choosing the nursing profession and appreciated the efforts of an institution and faculty for the brilliant and glorious ceremony. In his key note address, he said about the importance of IQ in which the students can think rationally and logically and act purposefully in their life. He highlighted the dedication and selfless service of the Pioneer of Nursing – Florence Nightingale and the memorable service rendered by her to the community. He advised the students to inculcate compassion, kindness, positive identification and helping hand and ended his speech by saying to the students learns with honesty, the success comes to you. Prof. Shalmon S. Chopade, Principal, BLDE Shri. B. M. Patil Institute of Nursing Sciences, Vijayapur (Bijapur) was the guest of honor for the function. He said “Nursing is an art and science and also a call by the God and the God has given an opportunity to serve the humanity through nursing profession. He told the students that the lamp that you have lit and the pledge you have taken today demands regular studies, hard work, commitment and selfless devotion at all times. You all have made the right decision by joining the nursing career. Grow in your profession and I wish all the success for the future endeavors.” Dr. Prasad Roodagi, Director, I.M.S.R, Hubballi presided over the function. In his presidential remarks, he said, “lighting a lamp is not just lighting up a flame but instead it is lighting up a ray of hope and love” and added saying the kindness of profession on this auspicious day, proud for the institution which is known for quality education by securing ranks and gold medals at the University level and winning prizes at State Level Sports Meet. You have all taken up a very professional career to love and serve the sick. Keep up the good work that you all entrusted with and follow the footsteps of Florence Nightingale. Have a successful nursing career during the next four years”. During the function, various awards were given to the students for their excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities of the college.


Celebration of World Health Day -2017

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KLE Society’s Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubballi celebrated “World Health Day” on 7th April 2017 on the theme “Depression- let’s talk”. Dr. Shivashankar Pol, Rtd. Medical Superintendent of DIMHANS & District Mental Health Programme Officer, Dharwad was the Chief Guest of the function. In his key note address, he said depression is mild form of somatization, the theme given by the World Health Organization is appropriate for the present day, saying 3.5 million people suffer from depression in which 10% of men and 20% of women suffer from depression respectively and 30 people in one lakh commit suicide themselves due to depression and also young people are committing suicide because of depression. Depression becomes the first cause of death in India by 2020, if preventive measures are not taken and the Indians never talk about their mental problems thinking it as stigma or shame. He advised that only prevention to depression is to talk. He also advised young people to talk with friends or colleagues, help others and be an optimistic these all prevents suicide because of depression and spoke about the prevention of depression in women is only through empowerment – education and employment to women along with involving in decision making. Dr. Kranthi Kiran, Chief Neuro Surgeon, Shri. Balaji Institute of Neuro Sciences & Trauma, Hubballi was the Guest of Honur of the function. In his speech, he said the nursing is a noble profession and god has blessed only few people on the earth take in to the nursing profession. He added by saying about the theme that every day is problem, thinking only about the problem is not the solution and it becomes worst lead to depression, he recalled the saying by swamiji that aAvÉ ªÀiÁqÀ¨ÁgÀzÀÄ, aAvÀ£É ªÀiÁqÀ¨ÉÃPÀÄ. He spoke about the responsibility of health care professional requiring good knowledge and skill to recognize the mental problems like depression. He concluded his speech by saying the young people need courage, stability and confidence to become successful person in order to overcome the problem of depression. Dr. Sanjay M. Peerapur, Principal KLE Society’s institute of nursing sciences, Hubballi was presided over the function. In his presidential remarks, he said that health care workers mainly the nurses are exposed to high stress levels and psychosocial risks leading to depression. Nurses experience highest depressive symptoms than any health care professionals because of many factors. He advised the nurses to talk their superiors about the stressors and those will be resolved, so that effective patient care and job satisfaction is achieved that leads to prevention of depression.